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Physical Models and Sculptures

Crafton Hills College Athletics Complex

Model of the Crafton Hills College Athletics Complex Redesign Project. This complete layout of the North Campus allows those who are unaware to view where each facilities are located. I emphasized on the texture and shape of the cardboard to bring out the beauty of a campus on a hill. 

Huntington Beach Sports Park

Model of the Huntington Beach Sports Park design Project. This model focused more on the contrast of texture and the the identity system throughout the whole park. The layout also emphasizes the simple navigation throughout the whole park. 

Crafton Hills Model
Beach Park

Sports Complex Concept

A concept of a unique sports park design. This model attempts at unique shape and structure to stand out among other parks. Each hexagon is designed to have an individual sport played. Located in the center is signage as well as a sculptural piece to bring art into recreational areas. 



A Sculpture piece that attempts to play with movement among still objects.  Using only one shape, I used the effects of cutouts to connect every piece of different size to tell a simple story of movement. 



A Sculpture piece that represents a self-portrait of me. During a period of lockdown in this pandemic, I experienced a large amount of stress and loneliness. I put a lot of my frustrations into a cube and the result was a round shape missing an upper half that happens to resemble how I felt at the moment: empty.

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