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Crafton Hills College:
Athletics Complex Redesign

My goal in this concept is to design a new Athletics Complex for Crafton Hills College. As an alumni from this campus, I wish to use my experience to bring new opportunities for students and visitors of this beautiful campus. The big focus of this redesign is building an environment for athletes as well as others with a love or interest in sports inside Crafton Hills College. At the moment, all athletic facilities on this campus are separated in visual style. From Crafton Hills newly developed Aquatics complex, to their tennis courts, navigation and wayfinding throughout all athletic facilities is poor and better accessibilities are needed on this side of the campus. My redesign will consist of uniting a visual style throughout the complex
and provide easier accessibilities.


     A redevelopment of Crafton Hills College current athletics field located next to the Kinesiology and Health Education building and the Aquatics complex. A dirt track and a field space located alongside the edge of a hill makes this space impractical to host
sport activities.

      My redesign includes a newly constructed track and bleachers, painted graphics on the field, signage, and cement structures surrounding the field to provide boundaries.
     The purpose of my redesign is to allow Crafton Hills College to host official sports activities that will involve track and field sports. Typography on the field brings out college spirit and smooth cement structures are designed as boundaries but are low
enough to act as a seating space for users.

     This space is also designed to be recreational for the public to use.

Crafton Hills Athletics Field
Crafton Hills Athletics Field Walkways


     Newly constructed bleachers located in Roadrunner Field provides a large seating space that provides shade and accommodations such as trash cans, bike racks, and water fountains.
     Designed within the hill, this smooth concrete seating space combines Crafton Hills nature with the structure to bring a unique design to the athletics complex.


     Structure located between Roadrunner Field and the North Complex. This large signage is designed to represent the field for any events. Similar materials is used to blend with the rest of the Athletics Complex. Polished metal for Typography allows for a change in color based on time of day. Large typeface choice allows for easier legibility for a signage with a reflective surface.

Roadrunner sculptures

     9 roadrunner sculptures are located along Camino Del Sol, a road in between the tennis courts and the athletic field. 2 set of sculptures are designed and placed alternatively to depict movement of a roadrunner running alongside as visitors travel down the road.

Crafton Hills Athletics Field Bleachers
Roadrunner Signage
Camino Del Sol

Tennis Courts

     Crafton Hills College tennis courts is located next to the North Complex. This facility is often used to
host tennis and pickleball games, as well as provide a space for students to use. My redesign of the
courts include a change of color of the courts as well as constructing a seating area outside the court. The
overall visual style of the facility is changed to match my proposed designs of the new Athletics Complex.
     The new yellow court with a green base brings a new and unique look to any tennis courts and it
represents the school’s color. Raised walls and fence around the courts allows a clean and modern look
and fits the proposed visual style. A new seating area located outside the courts at a higher elevation
allows spectators to watch all courts at a comfortable view and will not distract players.


Parking Lot O is located next to the Tennis courts and is accessible through Camino Del Sol. Although this Parking lot is often used by many students, it has yet to be developed. With the proposed Athletics Complex, this parking lot is the closest to accessing
all facilities. Developing this space allows visitors to use Camino Del Sol and seeing the new signage and
sculptures along this road as well as providing easier accessibilities to tennis courts and athletics field.

Tennis Courts
Tennis Courts Bleachers
Parking Lot O


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