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Huntington Beach Sports Park

My goal in this concept is to design a new Sports Park along the coastline of Southern California. As a frequent visitor to Huntington Beach, this location has served as a common recreational space for me and many other people. The large amount of space this beach has, provides me with a great opportunity to design a new and unique environment that continues to uphold the idea of a recreational space and allow a variety of new outdoor activities and events to be hosted. My concept of this new Sports Park hosts a unique combination of sports with a beach view, and provides a unified identity system throughout the park. I also focused on contrasting landscaping that allows the park to stand out and provide users with a simple navigation through every accommodations provided.


Sports park in Surf City

     Huntington Beach serves as a great location to build a new park. It is already provided with large parking spaces and bathrooms, 2 of the biggest accommodations needed for a large scale sports park. The landscape concept in many ways is meant to contrast the idea of a beach. The sharpness of the landscape differs from the soft sand and wavy water and the greenery provides contrast to the sand from a distance. This allows the park to stand out and at the same time blend in with the combinations of materials. The walkways provide simple navigation throughout the whole area, including multiple pathways from the parking lot to the beach. A unique color scheme is implemented to give off a beachy vibe and provide an identity system throughout the whole park. 


     Signage is an important part of creating an identity for an environment. I used a fun Typeface to design a sculpture that allows for interaction. To keep up with the theme of the park and the idea of "fun," I included the many different colors of the park and replaced a letter with a surfboard which represents the city. 

     This pit of sand is included in the middle of the park to allow visitors to play around with the sculpture. It also can serve as a great photoshoot location! 


Sport Activities

     One of the biggest plus to this new park are the courts. Each sport's court has a unique design to it using the color scheme to keep the visual style of the park similar. Along each courts is a space that allows spectators to watch from a safe distance and not crowd the playing area. Courts include: Futsal (a compacted street soccer sport), Basketball, and Tennis. Because these courts are by the beach, it was also a great addition that a beautiful view of the ocean is included from any point of the courts. Restrooms are also located fairly close to these courts as they will be a common area in this park. Many trees are included around every court to provide shade from the Sun as well. 


     Huntington Beach hosts a variety of activities every year. This park provides an official space for such activities to be hosted. I designed an amphitheatre that serves many purposes. Beach concerts or shows are a possibility here. It can provide a seating space for spectators of beach soccer or volleyball matches or even sandcastle building contests. It can even just serve as a spot to sit and enjoy an ocean view while still being close to the restrooms. The variety of purposes for this connects this sports park with the rest of the beach. 

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