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Redlands Sports Park Redesign

     Redlands Sports Park is a 35-acre park located along Dearborn Street and San Bernardino Avenue. It was opened in 2008 with the purpose to host soccer activities. This park is the home of AYSO Region 50 soccer teams and is also used by local high schools such as Redlands East Valley High School and Citrus Valley High School. Games by local soccer clubs including Pateadores is often hosted at this park as well. The sports park also serves as a recreational park for normal park activities such as picnics, walking your pets, jogging, and many other activities.

     Future plans for the park includes additional full-sized soccer fields, more acres of recreational space, and a softball complex.


The location of this park makes it one of the more beautiful soccer complexes among a lot of the neighboring regions. But constructed in early 2008, the park has yet to be redesigned. Continuously hosting hundreds of soccer games a year, and receiving thousands of visitors each week, the park only purpose is to provide a field for people to play on.
To be able to host large events such as the Citrus Classic Soccer Tournament and the Redlands Airshow for visitors from many different cities makes it more unique compared to other local parks. This park NEEDS to represent the City of Redlands, and open grass fields with a small green building will not succeed in this goal.

Signage design for the soccer park that can represent the City of Redlands. Located in front of the park building and along the parking lot for the park.

Giving the park building a new and modern look with new decorative wall panels and provide simple way-finding with a redesign of the corner pillars.



My first design proposal is to create signage for this park. This park needs a face. Something that represents the park itself as well as the City of Redlands. A signage of the Redlands Sports Complex is much needed to bring a visual representation to the whole park.


New design includes a strong orange color on the typography to represent the City of Redlands and it’s historic orange groves. Constructed with steel, the extending stems on the Redlands typography portrays movement which can represent playing of sports.


Behind the signage is a bench area that can serve many purpose. Provides public seating, in which the park currently lacks, especially around the snack bar area.


My second design proposal is to re-design the park’s snack bar and restroom building. This green building has an outdated style and the color of it blends the building among the trees it is surrounded by. A new modernization and a basic way-finding sign will help give this building a unique look and relate with the Redlands signage.

Materials - Wood paneling material gives the building a modern look and have a good contrast with the rest of the building. Cement blocking is used to construct the walls of the building for a smooth and reinforced surface.

WayFinding - Corner Pillars are changed to operable signage. Letters in the pillars serve as lights in the dark to provide easy way-finding. Different pillars allow visitors to easily distinguish where the snack bar and the restrooms are.

Lighting - Lights are located in more necessary locations where people will interact with more often.

Wall Panels - Steel panels that hang a few inches away from the wall to create a shadow effect during certain times of a day. Abstract oranges design is implemented to signify the history of orange groves in the City of Redlands. Designing around commodities that is already there provides an interaction between the building and the people.

Redesigning Redlands Sport Complex such as adding a new signage that
takes the form of a sculpture and is interactive among the public. This
signage shows a representation for Redlands when hosting soccer games,
air shows, and other large events. Also redesigning the park building to
provide simple wayfinding, a piece of art along the face of the wall, and
modernizing the building. Design idea is to relate with the Signage and
signify the history of the city of Redlands.

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